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The bot requires only a very specific set of permissions, allowing you to keep your funds safe at all times. We currently support Kraken, Bittrex and Binance, but more are on the way.

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What is DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging)?


DCA is a strategy of investing where you buy an asset for a fixed amount on a regular schedule regardless of its price. You get more of the asset when the price is lower, and less of it when the price is higher. As a result, instead of taking big short-term bets, you get a fair average price

Is trading better than DCA?

Trading can be a thrilling way to earn quick cash. However, like with gambling, it can also quickly lead to big losses and tons of stress. Investing usually means smaller short-term wins, but also fewer severe losses.

Is any experience required?

No. We’ve designed everything to be as simple as possible. All you need to know is your budget and how much you would like to invest.

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“Investing in cryptocurrencies can be stressful, prices vary a lot. I've setup a recurring SEPA transfer on Kraken and handles the rest. Now, even when the market dips, I'm not worrying. Automating daily investments is the best financial decision I've made"



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“I'm new to cryptocurrencies and I don't want to spend too much time picking coins and looking at charts. allows me to invest in cryptocurrencies with a safety net. I won't make millions but I'd rather be safe!"



Web Developer

“I've been investing in cryptocurrencies for a while, I to build positions and accumulate when the timing is right during dips. I then pause the bots and sell my positions with a profit when the market reaches a top. I would recommend as a passive investment tool as well as a trading help”



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